“This guy is smoking” – Jet seller, Steve Varsono counters Ola of Lagos’ huge cost claim in airplane review

Influencer, Ola of Lagos became a focal point of discussion online after his assertions were challenged by a British entrepreneur, Steve Varsono who disagreed with virtually everything he said.

Steve Varsono, the CEO of The Jet Business; a firm that sells jets apparently stumbled on an airplane review clip featuring Ola of Lagos speaking on the cost of the aircraft and decided to address some misconceptions in the video.

Ola had claimed that the jet (Hawker 900XP) cost a whopping sum of $16 million. Varsono who debunked it noted that the jet is worth $2M, stating that it’s among the oldest and most inexpensive airplanes in the world currently

Varsono was also disappointed when Ola of Lagos could not give useful insight regarding the components of the airplane dashboard. He stated that Ola needed to learn how to do good reviews of aircraft.

Watch the video below:

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The video went viral on TikTok with netizens storming the comment section to tease Ola of Lagos over his unverified assertions in his review clip.

One CLASSIQUE wrote: “So ola of Lagos they

Khalid Scott 33 wrote: “Dem don finally cast Ola of Lagos😂😂😂😂.”

Obi kwest wrote: “Ola of Lagos is always over exaggerating his price.”

mhzte Ben wrote: “ola of Lagos no know say this guy don do this work before am 😂”

Francis Williams22 wrote: “Na our ola of lagos them dey wash like this o.”

Games theory wrote: “I have always said, Ola of Lagos has no idea how to review anything, be it car, house or anything.”

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