“Tonto Dikeh damaged her womb after having abortion for Hushpuppi” – Kemi Olunloyo
  • Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has made startling claims against actress Tonto Dikeh on Twitter.
  • Olunloyo alleges that Dikeh got pregnant for Hushpuppi but tried to attribute it to another man named Hafiz, leading to a paternity dispute.
  • According to Olunloyo, the paternity denial resulted in a complicated abortion that reportedly damaged Tonto Dikeh’s womb

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has stirred up a storm on social media with her recent Twitter allegations against Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh.

In a series of tweets, Olunloyo claimed that Tonto Dikeh had a complicated past involving a pregnancy with Nigerian Big Boy Hushpuppi and a subsequent abortion that allegedly damaged her womb.

According to Olunloyo’s tweets, Tonto Dikeh reportedly got pregnant for Hushpuppi but attempted to attribute the pregnancy to another individual named Hafiz, described as a London-based Yahoo boy

Kemi Olunloyo causes buzz with wild allegations against Tonto Dikeh on twitter
Tonto Dikeh.

The journalist asserted that Hafiz denied being the father, leading to a challenging abortion procedure that purportedly caused harm to Tonto Dikeh’s reproductive organs

Olunloyo, known for her controversial statements, further alleged that Tonto Dikeh used cocaine during her pregnancy, and her child suffered from the effects of the drug.

In her words;

Some of the best gossip came in 2017 when Tonto befriended me trying to manipulate stories about her in the media. I quickly distanced myself from her and her bribes. She had just set ended a violent relationship with Dr Olakunle Churchill claiming to be the victim.

“I told her she should have used the gun if he tried to kill her first. Ghana 🇬🇭 police 👮🏽‍♀️ told me she was the aggressor destroying Dr Churchill’s clothes, shoes, water damage etc. I had just got out of the first prison arrest and she had a small baby. Let me tell you about Tonto and Hafiz/Hushpuppi. The H factor was a mess. She got pregnant with twins and had to have a complicated abortion.”

“Both men denied being the father. Tonto spent time with Hafiz at the Intercontinental Hotel alternating with Hushpuppi at the George Hotel Ikoyi. She used a lot of cocaine and her baby would be shaking from the transmission to the child as a nursing mother.”

“The child was left with a nanny in Abuja while she was balling in Lagos. When she got pregnant, she cried her eyes out to reality star Tutu Pie because she did not know who the father was. Hafiz went back to London while Hush went back to Malaysia. Is this the role model your daughters are following? People made fun of her in the Instagram comments. KONTINUE

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