Soludo writes Buhari, appeals for Kanu’s release as parting gift

Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo has written a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari appealing for the release of incarcerated leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, before exiting office on May 29, as a parting gift for the Igbos.

In the letter to the President, Soludo opined that the continued detention of Kanu has continued to have negative effects on the residents of the South-East who are forced to observe a sit-at-home order on Mondays out of fear of what IPOB members will do to them

Soludo also alluded to the fact that Kanu has been ill for a while and needs to travel to the UK to get adequate medical attention from his doctors

In the light of the foregoing, it is my earnest prayer that Mr. President may kindly consider the immediate and unconditional release of Kanu as demanded by the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Federal High Court,” part of the letter reads

This will be the right thing to do as a country that should extol the principle of the rule of law in compliance with the international law and conventions that Nigeria is signatory to.

“I implore President Buhari to grant Kanu an administrative bail on compassionate grounds and as part of national healing as his parting gift to the South-East.

“In this circumstance, I am prepared to take him (Kanu) on bail. My government is prepared to provide him with alternative secured accommodation at Awka where he will have access to appropriate medical care, among others, and make him available when required,” he assured

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