N520,100 Disappears From Businessman’s Zenith Bank Account

Peter Ogie, an Abuja-based businessman, has detailed how N520,100 vanished from his Zenith Bank account without his consent.

Oge told FIJ that the incident happened on November 29, 2023.

“I was in my living room on the day the incident happened,” said Ogie.

“While I was watching an interesting TV programme, I suddenly received two debit alerts on my phone. I first received a N500,000 debit notification. This was followed by a N20,100 debit notification.

“Interestingly, I had always read about how people received debit alerts in their homes without authorising transactions on their accounts. I never knew it would one day happen to me. This is because I have always been careful with my account details. I never reveal them to anybody.”

The Debit Alerts Ogie Received from Zenith Bank

The Debit Alerts Ogie Received

The Debit Alerts Ogie Received from Zenith Bank

The Debit Alerts Ogie Received

Ogie told FIJ that when he visited a Zenith Bank branch in Mpape, Abuja, to report the theft, the explanation he was given by the officers he spoke with was not convincing enough.

“They were trying to suggest to me that perhaps I had exposed my debit card details to unknown persons, but I quickly made them understand that that had never been the case,” said Ogie.

“I have always been careful in the way I operate my account. My hard token and other vital account details are always with me. I never share them with anyone else.

“The most disheartening part was that I had just received the sum from a client who wanted me to help him carry out a project when it was stolen.

“My account got emptied by whoever stole the sum five minutes after it was sent to me by the client. Just like I said, my token and all other sensitive account details were with me when the incident happened.

ince then, I have visited the same bank branch on several other occasions, but they have still not found a way of helping me recover the stolen money. I believe the theft was perpetrated by an insider working within Zenith Bank.

“An outsider could not have been able to steal the money, considering how I have always been careful with my account details.

“I am begging Zenith Bank to please help me recover the money. It is not for me. It has been six months since the sum was stolen from my account, and the bank has refused to help me get it back.”

FIJ sent an email to Zenith Bank’s complaint desk for comments on the incident on Thursday morning, but it had not been responded

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