“Mohbad’s wife was caught doing hook-up in Lekki, she should be arrested for poisoning singer”- Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo comes up with damning allegations against Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi

  • Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo spills more alleged details about late singer, Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi.
  • Via her Instastories, the media personality spoke at length on some alleged escapades of Wunmi, hinting at how she also contributed to his death by giving him drugs that sedate the crooner to enable her to visit other men.

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to social media to pen some allegations against late singer, Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi.

Taking to her IG stories, Kemi Olunloyo spoke on how Wunmi was actively into prostitution when Mohbad was alive.

She alleged that Wunmi was once caught in Lekki, where she was engaging in ‘hook-up’ (prostitution). Olunloyo alleged that she was made to sleep with all Marlian crew as a punishment

She also claimed that Mohbad and Wunmi weren’t officially married

“Wunmi Aloba” is not LEGALLY married to Mohbad and has no marriage certificate on paper. She’s a common law wife trying to claim his assets. Unless she married him outside Nigeria, there is no record of marriage in the Nigerian court system.

It is the same scenario as IVD and Bimbo. Never married but flaunted a common-law marriage with kids. Wunmi pls post any marriage papers you have cos you don’t have ANY

When the NDLEA busted the Marlian house in 2022, Mohbad was accused of being ” the snitch” who notified the feds as he did not want to be part of the drug trade anymore. After everyone was released, the coded ritual in the house was to punish him. Wunmi was required to have intercourse with everyone in the house as punishment. This is why I told you September that she’s had sex with everyone in the house but nobody believed me.

Mohbad wanted to get rid of the baby Liam because of the fact that Wunmi had multiple partners including being caught doing hookups in Lekki. The variety of drugs she gave Mohbad included Chlorpheniramine Maleate (Piritin) and Diazepam which she often laced his food with to go out at night on runs. Wunmi should be arrested for deliberately poisoning Mohbad with a prescription narcotic. Her mother is a retired cop and a big conflict of interest.

Wunmi was responsible for Mohbad not getting medical care after the hand injury. They were hiding the fact that his urine will show all kinds of opiates. Mohbad having told his fans that he was off drugs but was not aware until it was too late that his so called wife drugged him nightly to go out on hookups and even Fock others in the Marlian house. Mohbad was planning to kill Liam and himself. He could not live with it. The only DNA test is in the right hands.

Wunmi and Spending hired Nurse Feyi Ogedengbe to do a simple job: To kill Mohbad. If the police and so call rubbish inquest cannot figure that out yet, it will be obvious soon. Nigeria is bent on this sympathetic rhetoric bullshit where you feed social media with non existent rubbish. Mohbad pointed hands at Wunmi, Procaine and Ceftriaxone in 24 hrs because the singer didn’ t want the hospital to see what was in his system? Lies! !

Finally Wunmi tampered with the IV during the Feyi Ogedengbe treatment regimen. The toxicology should show a drug I mentioned early in the game. Midazolam a tranquilizer Mohbad was reportedly injected with by a nurse. This is also a sleeping drug that the father may have been referring to. The toxicology test should not be released to the public and be made private like most. Wunmi Aloba needs to be ARRESTED and a suspect in CID. She was never happy they exhumed the body says a police source. The child should be removed from her custody. She remains a danger to Liam.”

See screenshots below:

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