Military enabling killings of Christians, destruction of properties in Plateau – CAN

The perennial violent attacks and wanton killings of Christians in Plateau state are being facilitated by the Nigerian military, Rev Timothy Daluk has alleged.

Daluk is The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chairman of Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Daluk levelled these shocking allegations in a video that was made public on social media platforms on Wednesday.

Daluk said the military was supervising the displacement of Christians and the destruction of their properties, adding that the military looked away while Muslims unleashes terror and wreaked havoc on Christian-dominated areas

He stated that measures like curfew, which were put in place to address the upheaval and insecurity, were only enforced in Christians enclaves while Muslims were allowed to violate these measures willfully

“I am here to report the situation happening in Mangu Local Government for the whole world to understand. What is happening in Mangu at this particular point in time, the military are the ones sending our people away for the militia to burn their houses,” he said with agitation.

“At this particular point in time, they have sent every Christian away from the new market, thereby leaving the Muslims to come and burn their houses. They set the curfew. The curfew is only restricted to only people within Mangu – within the Christian domain. Within the Muslim domain, they are free to move and do whatever they want to do.

He further accused the military of killing youths but claimed a fake soldiers was responsible for the killings.

“And not only that, the military has killed three of our young men of which I know. One is before my church. They killed one yesterday, and I reported to the security, and he said it was fake soldiers,” he said.

“At first, he said I was lying until I proved to him beyond a reasonable doubt then he finally said it was fake soldiers. I said no, it was not fake soldiers; it was a real soldier who killed him. Finally, they made a signal to the soldier, and he disappeared from the scene,” he added

He further accused the military of switching off their phones as tensions heightened within Mangu and its environs.

“Now that I am speaking to you, all of them have switched off their phones, and they allowed the place to be burned down and raided by the people. And this is what is going on now that I am speaking to you.

“People around Gindiri junction, (called other locations that were inaudible) their houses are now ablaze because the soldiers protected them and allowed them to burn people’s houses. They are not doing anything about it,” he said.

Frustrated about the military’s alleged nonchalant attitude towards the crisis in Mangu, the CAN Chairman said they have had enough and do not want military presence anymore.

“We don’t want the military in Mangu Local Government. They should pack their loads and go. We don’t want them,” he said.

“We don’t need them and we don’t want them. Because the plan, they have been bought. They have been paid with a price to carry out their duty. I am calling on the world to understand that this thing should stop, and people should come to our rescue to save us if not, that is an evil plan for them to destroy Mangu Local Government. Because the governor is from here, and we are not going to allow it,” he added.

Mr Daluk said since the military won’t help defend them from the militia that has destroyed lives and properties, they will take matters into their own hands

The military should keep on killing us. We accept they should kill us, but we are not going to stop. I will organise the whole Christians in Mangu Local Government Area. We are going to fight. We are not going to stop, and that is what I said,” he said.

“Enough is enough. We have cried, but the government is not listening. If they switch off their phones, then where else do we take our cries to?” he quizzed.

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