Kanayo O Kanayo berates modern-day actors, says they have ‘no sense of purpose’

Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has taken to his social media account to berate young actors in the movie industry ‘with no sense of purpose’.

In a video shared online, the vocal thespian predicted that YouTube would fail in Nigeria because of the way Nigerian performers had “rubbished” the platform.

He stated further in the video that producers aim to maximize the money invested by overworking new-age actors because majority of them demand exorbitant fees to appear in films.

’We built Nollywood brick by brick, block by block, but the guys who have besieged YouTube—the actors, not the producers—do not have any sense of purpose or process to create a procedure for lasting videography or creating content

‘‘Take for instance, the whole irony of one-day shoot. It is not sustainable. Some of them now make it so difficult for producers. They tell you one-day shoot is N1 million or N1.5 million. It isn’t sustainable. Unfortunately, my very high-ranking colleague who started this one-day shoot is unfortunately not in good health.

‘‘Why? I know for everyone who gives you a job, they want it done. They pack you with enough to finish in one day. Thirty scenes, thirty-five scenes..Most of you think you are enjoying ‘I am fully booked for the next six months’ but your health…I hope you enjoy good health like those of us who started 38 years ago because what you are doing is not sustainable.

‘‘I bear you no malice. Earn all your money but the disservice you are doing to professionalism is not going to last long and the way I see it. YouTube is not going to last long in Nigeria as a platform

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