Israel-Hamas War: Envoy calls for urgent ceasefire, says more than 8,700 dead in Gaza

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdallah Shawesh, on Wednesday, said a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was more urgently needed than the humanitarian aid sent to the country.

Shawesh called on world leaders to channel their efforts towards the root cause of humanitarian needs in their country rather than providing support for victims

Shawesh, who made the call during a press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday, said: “Many are still trying to divert the discussion from the unconditional ceasefire to humanitarian aid. How many trucks do you need to enter Gaza? We all should address the roots of the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which is the frenzy of Israeli war, what we need urgently is a ceasefire.

In giving updates on the casualty figures, Shawesh said: “The number of Palestinian martyrs as of today exceeded 8700 in Gaza and 114 in the occupied West Bank, 73% of them are children, women and elderly. The total number of those injured in Gaza reached more than 20,000, while in the West Bank, it has reached 2000. In Gaza, the missing people under the rubbles are around 1,500

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