“Is this a prank?” – Davido cries out after Abuja residents refused to turn up for his concert (VIDEO)

When the heavyweight champs of Nigerian music, the likes of WizKid, Davido, and Burna Boy, prep for a concert, the venue is usually rocked with a massive fan turnout. But lo and behold, OBO’s Abuja gig tonight is defying the norm. Instead of a bustling crowd of thousands, there’s just a sprinkle of less than a hundred fans. This unexpected twist has Davido scratching his head, firing off a puzzled and disappointed question to Abuja residents who grabbed his tickets – asked if the low turnout is some sort of elaborate prank

Renowned Nigerian artist Davido has ignited online discussions with his recent reaction to the unexpectedly low number of fans at his highly anticipated Abuja concert tonight.

The music star’s concert, set for December 14 at the iconic Eagle Square in Abuja, was slated to kick off at 5 pm.

However, recent footage from the venue revealed a scanty audience. A fan present reported that fewer than 100 people are currently at the venue, a stark contrast to the thousands expected to show up

Davido, utterly astonished, turned to Twitter to lament the surprisingly low turnout for his concert in Abuja. 

With a hint of disappointment, he playfully questioned whether it was intended as a prank, teasingly adding that the residents of Abuja had caught him off guard.

Davido wrote:


This is coming hours after Davido fueled discussions among fans as a video of his recent interaction with a fan gains traction.

On December 13th, 2023, the OBO Crooner made a grand entrance into Asaba, Delta State for his Timeless concert, which turned out to be a resounding success.

A viral online video documented Davido’s arrival at the city’s airport, disembarking from his private jet alongside his 30BG crew.

In the vibrant airport setting, the singer embraced a warm welcome from nightlife impresario Cubana Chiefpriest and his celebrity bestie. Handshakes and cheerful exchanges filled the air.

Yet, beside Chiefpriest, a gentleman extended a hand to Davido. With a discerning glance, the music star chose to overlook the gesture, continuing on his journey with his Crew.


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