Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has challenged Nigerians who have evidence of attacks by the Chairman of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Association, Musiliu Akinsaya, also known as Mc Oluomo, to file a case against him.

Adejobi, a former spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, while reacting to a tweet by a user with the handle “AjammaS” on Tuesday, said anyone who has any evidence of being attacked by Oluomo is free to seek justice in a court of law.

In the tweet, AjammaS, had claimed that Adejobi and the police failed to protect voters during the election after he (Adejobi) had said the threat by the Lagos Park Chairman that Igbos should not come out to vote during the March 18 governorship election, as a joke.

“Sir, you are also guilty, if I may say. This is what you said in the TV interview, and I quote. ‘MC Oluomo threat is a joke, let’s take it as a joke until he perfected the threat. I urge everyone to go out and cast their votes,” the Twitter user posted.

“Now Nigerians heed to your calls and went out to cast their votes and unfortunately, you failed to protect them as you promised. They were attacked by MC Oluomo and his boys, some were murdered, brutalised, blinded, some are currently receiving treatment in different hospitals.”

In the interview the Twitter user referred to Adejobi has having said:

“I saw a video of MC Oluomo with one Mama Chidinma – an Igbo woman – debunking that threat; that it’s not true, it’s just a joke he was making with a particular woman. So, let us take it as a joke, like he said

“But, nobody has the right and audacity to tell Nigerians not to come out and vote; it’s not allowed and not proper. MC Oluomo has come out to debunk it, so let’s leave it that it’s not true.

“The Commissioner of Police in Lagos has debunked it and MC Oluomo himself has done the same, so Lagosians should go out and vote for the candidate of their choice

While responding to the tweet, Adejobi said AjamaS and indeed any Nigerian who has any evidence of an attack is free to file a case against Oluomo as he does not have immunity against such a suit.

“You can take the case of attack up with MC if you have a case or evidence of attacks against him,” the Force spokesman said.

“Many people and lawyers, even the deputy gov of Lagos, have said it severally. He has no immunity, so if you have a case of attack against him, take it up.”

“There is no need to pass judgement or do trial on Twitter. Very simple. Many of you just follow others to raise this issue on Twitter,” he added

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