Entire class of schoolchildren killed in Morocco’s earthquake

An entire class of schoolchildren was killed in the devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Morocco last week, officials have reported.

According to emergency officials, the 32 children were among the over 3,000 people killed by the earthquake of September 8 which was the strongest quake ever recorded in the North African country in over 60 years

The school, according to the Moroccan Ministry of Interior, is located in the Adaseel province, one of the hardest-hit areas in the south of Marrakesh, where many mountain villages were completely destroyed.

“A total of 530 educational institutions have been damaged to varying degrees, including some of which have completely collapsed or suffered severe structural damage,” an official statement said.

Nesreen Abu ElFadel, a teacher in the school who spoke with journalists, said she discovered that all 32 children ranging from six to 12 years old had died in the quake

Our last class was on Friday night, exactly five hours before the quake hit.

“We were learning Morocco’s national anthem, and planned to sing it in front of the whole school on Monday morning.

“Maybe one day when they rebuild the school and classes are back in session, we can commemorate those 32 kids and tell their story,” Ms ElFadel said.

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