“Don’t refer to me as a ‘crossdresser’ anymore” – Bobrisky says following gender change surgery

Popular Nigerian socialite, Bobrisky has taken to social media to address a popular media outlet, Instablog, over their reference to him as a “crossdresser.”

In a recent Instagram post, Bobrisky clarified the terminology and emphasized that following his gender change surgery, he should now be identified as a trans woman.

The Lagos-based personality began by explaining the differences between a crossdresser, a transgender individual, and a trans woman

This clarification aimed to dispel any confusion regarding his previous identity. Bobrisky went on point out the distinction between transgender individuals and trans women

In his words;

“Now let me school you instablog

A cross dresser is a man who haven’t done any surgeries yet, a man associating himself with alot of women dresses, hair,makeup etc…

TRANSGENDER: trans are men who has done almost all d surgery to became a WOMAN. They have physically done almost all d surgeries, their boobs, face, hairline, body etc..but still have their pim pim there £4, In some cases many want to leave it there cos they want it that way.

TRANS WOMEN: A trans woman (short for transgender woman) is a woman who was assigned male at birth. Trans women have a female gender identity and may experience gender dysphoria (distress brought upon by the discrepancy between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth).[1] Gender dysphoria may be treated with gender affirming care . In other word trans women don’t have their pim pim anymore, they are now a woman . That’s who is bob. Hope you learned instablog”

See below;

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