Air Peace Plan Commencement of Flights to New York, Houston

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Peace Airlines, Mr. Allen Onyema, yesterday, disclosed that the airline was planning to begin flights to New York and Houston by the end of 2024.

Onyema, who was a guest on ‘The Morning Show’ on ARISE  News Channel,  spoke on the backdrop of the airline’s Lagos- London route launch.

He stated that the company was in the process of purchasing more aircraft for this purpose

According to him, “Air Peace is ready and prepared to take on more flights. Already, there are seven Air Peace flights going into Gatwick Airport from Nigeria daily.

“Nigeria has a balance of about 14 to do. We are ready, if the government gives us Abuja-London, I will do it, because we are expecting more aircraft into the country purchased by Air Peace. If we get it, we will do it.”

The airline, he added, was planning to hit New York or Houston towards the end of the year, as it was working on bringing in more 777s

As I speak to you, my staff are in California, the engineering technical services department, are in California inspecting some three 777s we want to acquire and buy. So, if we could get them in the next two or three months, then of course, we are good to go anywhere,” he added.

Onyema, however, emphasised on some of the challenges faced by his airline in trying to achieve the long-awaited Lagos-London flights.

He said: “You suffer what I call both internal and external conspiracies. It took us seven years. We got the designation I think about six and a half years ago to go into London. Since then, it has been cat-and-mouse game

We actually procured our three 777s because of this route, not for any other route. However, we were not allowed to go.

“Whether you like it or not, there is what is called international aero politics which is very dirty. We applied for the TCO. TCO means Technical Country Operators permit, you must get that one before you start going into any European country, UK inclusive. “And the TCO organisation from Europe wrote our Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). Do you know Air Peace? Do you know about their designation? And we were denied. My own country denied us, so they threw it back

Onyema, called for the support of the federal government for Nigerian airlines saying, “In our own country, what we are pleading; I like when you said support, the ease of doing business, let them even do that for the indigenous airlines and see us blossom, instead of badmouthing these airlines that pass through all manner of problems.

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