Editorial complaint and Correction: At springnewsng we cherish the our readers interested. We are always open for correction of any error noted by our readers.
Springnewsng & Media’s policy is to correct substantial errors as soon as possible. Corrections appear on the relevant web page and significant corrections are collated in the springnewsng corrections and clarifications column and the For the record column of the Observer.
Our online editors can look into complaints about articles in our  online services that we control. Also, editor looks at complaints and queries against springnewsng Media. Our editors handles complaints the following areas.

  • Accuracy
  • Harassment
  • Children
  • Children in sex cases
  • Reporting of crime
  • Victims of sexual assault

How do I complain?
If you have any complaint and Corrections at anytime email us: complaint@springnewsng.com


What happens to your complaint?
Once we’ve received your complaint, you should receive an automated reply acknowledging receipt. If your complaint is being taken up, we aim to contact you within 72 hours.

Error Corrections
If you’ve spotted a mistake in our copy please let us know so that we can fix it. You will be able to report any mistakes via the “comment or query about an article” option on this page.
Send emails: complaint@springnewsng.com