Maradona-Ferlaino, Messi-Bartomeu, same end?

Thursday, September 3,2020

Diego Armando Maradona won the1989UEFA Champions League with Napoli . It was his only European title. The final, two-legged, was decided inStuttgart . On 3-3 of the return, he was proclaimed champion. And right there in the Neckarstadion the fluff set off the bomb. The president who had signed Maradona in 1984 reported that “at the end of the game, Maradona told me to sell him, that he wants to leaveNaples .” But Diego had a current contract and Ferlaino replied that he did not want to transfer him and that he planned to retain him in the team at all costs. Maradona , as seen in the last documentary released on the character, he considered that he had finished a cycle. “I had made people happy, it was the flag of the south and I wanted to finish my career in peace,” said the kid.

After a summer of taunts between the president and the star, Maradonastayed at Naples . And what happened to the following season? The Neapolitan team managed to win the second ‘scudetto’ in its history, the second with Maradona . Although Diego even said that he no longer had the head or concentration to play the Italian League, he played it and won it. On the day of the celebration of the title, an ecstatic Ferlaino , owner of Napoli , never tired of repeating: “I did well not to sell it.”

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