Xenophobia spreads to hospitals: South African doctors refusing to treat foreigners


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Tuesday, April 2,2019

On Friday, my neighbor’s son developed some skin rash. His father bought him some medication, and on Saturday we saw a slight change. In the morning, Sunday, things changed again for the worse, the son started crying uncontrollably.

We are at a distance of a kilometer away from the hospital responsible for the children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

The mother then took her son to the hospital, together with the son’s passport. As neighbors, my wife decided to accompany her friend.

They were comfortably welcomed upon arrival at the hospital. However, things turned gloomy when the doctor demanded the son’s passport and declined to help the poor son lying on the floor saying the passport was expired. According to him, the doctor, the passport expired in 2018, while in true sense the passport is expiring in 2023.

Like a joke, the doctor kept the passport, and stood on his ground declining to help the son. This brought a huge disagreement between the mother and the doctor. The doctor then showed produced a box full of passports confiscated from others, the mother became completely confused. Seeing that the mother was unmoved, the doctor threatened to call the securities. The mother and my wife left the hospital and returned home, with the son unattended.

They narrated this sad story to the son’s father, who decided to go and report to police, I accompanied him. Our nearest police station’s name is Brixton and the hospital in question is Rahima Moosa others call it Coalination (sp). This hospital is situated after University of Johannesburg, and Helen Joseph hospital, along Perth Road.

The police shockingly wrote us a letter, and asked this doctor how was this his job?

We produced this letter to the doctor upon arrival at the hospital, and a confrontation immediately erupted. The doctor questioned us how we got ourselves to the police, saying we bribed them. He threatened to call the home affairs department for us, something that unmoved us.
This time, with some vulgar and sour words that we exchanged, the securities came in. We were taken to their office, which is within the hospital’s premises. We explained what we wanted, and what had happened. The securities heard us, they went and collected the passport for us, then we left.

The son will be taken to a private hospital this morning.


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