Types of Nigeria politicians



AUGUST 21 2019

Politicians have a different ideology and political aspirations; they can also be categorized by their interest in the welfare and development of their people. There are politicians who pretend to care but do not care. Their diverse personalities and actions are what make politics in Nigeria quite entertaining and interesting. Like they said “variety is the spice of life”. Nigeria politicians spice up our lives. Most politicians fall into one of the three groups the controversial politician, the amnesia politician, and the critic’s politicians.

 The controversial politician triggers issues of natural interest, they are always in the news especially when it has to do with controversy senator dino melaye is the most controversial politicians in Nigeria

Unlike the controversial politician the amnesia politician makes all sorts of promises while campaigning when they are eventually voted into office they suddenly suffer from amnesia, president Buhari is a typical example of an amnesia politician

Finally, the last category of Nigerian politicians is critics. These will condemn everybody and every action of the government. They never see the good in anything. They are mostly members of the opposition party the PDP and APC politicians are typical examples of critic politicians.

In conclusion, it is practically impossible for the average Nigerian to go a day without being entertained by the antics of the controversial politician, the politician suffering from amnesia and the talkative politician who is always criticizing government policies 

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