Rich Piana & Chanel Jansen: Cutest Pics Of The Couple Before The Bodybuilder’s Untimely Death


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Aug 26,2017 @ 9: 21 PM

Late bodybuilder Rich Piana leaves behind his beautiful and devoted girlfriend, fitness model Chanel Jansen. The couple have so many cute photos together — take a look at our galley of the best.

Rich Piana, 46, was head over heels for his girlfriend Chanel Jansen. The couple were together up until Rich’s last day, with Chanel sitting patiently by his hospital bedside for weeks. Chanel was cutting his hair when he collapsed at his home in mid-August due to a yet-undetermined medical issue. She tried her best to catch him as he fell, but Rich was one of the largest bodybuilders in the world. She couldn’t hold him up. He was placed in a medically induced coma, and she continuously reached out to his millions of Instagram followers to give updates on his condition, and to express her thanks for their support.

It’s unclear how long the couple were together, but going off of their zillions of photos together, they were in it for the long haul. Chanel, a fellow fitness model and YouTube star, tearfully told fans after Rich’s death that they had just watched The Notebook together, and that’s how she wanted them “to go.” At the end of The Notebook, the elderly couple dies at the same time, holding hands in their sleep. Instead, Rich passed away far too early. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Though Rich’s estranged wife Sara Piana was the one to announce the news of his untimely death, Chanel broke her silence shortly afterward with a beautiful post on Instagram commemorating her late boyfriend. “I will always remember that someday when it’s my time-he will fill that space inside me and I’ll be whole again,” she wrote. “We were supposed to go together. So when it’s my time someday-come find me and take me where we’re supposed to go because I don’t want to go anywhere without you’”

Rich Piana & Chanel Jansen (Courtesy of Instagram)

Rich Piana & Chanel Jansen (Courtesy of Instagram)

Rich Piana & Chanel Jansen (Courtesy of Instagram)

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