Nikki Bella Gets Flirty With Peter Kraus After John Cena Split In Steamy New ‘Total Bellas’ Preview



Thursday, November 29,2018

Did Nikki Bella finally find the one? In a preview of the new season of ‘Total Bellas,’ the single Bella twin gets hella flirty with ‘Bachelorette’ star Peter Kraus – and it looks like they even kiss!

“Single, with no kids,” Nikki Bella, 35, says in a preview of season 4 of Total Bellas. ”I feel young, fun and free.” That’s an understatement. Nikki – who split from John Cena, 41, mere weeks ahead of their May 2018 wedding – seems really ready to find a new man in her life in this preview. While having drinks with Bachelorette alum Peter Kraus, she tells him that she hasn’t “kissed another guy in nine years.

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This seemingly prompts Peter to lean in and press his hand against Nikki’s face as he goes in for a sweet kiss. It looks to be a romantic moment taken straight out of The Bachelorette but as he’s about to lock lips with the WWE Superstar…the preview ends. Tease! It seems fans will have to tune into the new season – premiering Jan. 13, 2019 on E! – in order to see if Peter gets that kiss or not. Will Nikki get his final rose?

Peter might have spoiled this scene when he visited the Us Weekly offices in October. When a fan pointed out that Nikki follows him on Instagram, he tried his best to play it cool. “She’s beautiful … I’m turning red,” he said. “Going on dates … If anything, this sounds terrible, too easy so finding someone who’s wanting to date me for the right reason is very different …Versus like they saw me on a show where it depicted me in a certain way that I’ll even say, I’m not perfectly clean cut. …So I rather meet someone just organically.” It seems something “organic” happened between him and Nikki, if that preview is any indication.

Nikki gave fans a bit of a heart attack over the Thanksgiving holiday when she posted a gallery of images of things that she was thankful for. One picture featured her and John together in a hot tub, leaving some wondering if they had gotten back together! It was just Nikki’s way of “reminiscing” over the past year. As for giving John a third chance at love, Nikki didn’t even think of her ex over her birthday/Thanksgiving weekend, instead of spending time with twin Brie Bella and the rest of her family. “She was in a really great mood and is in the best place she has been in a really long time,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told US.

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