NBS says police top list of most corrupt government agencies in Nigeria



Sunday, December 8,2019

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has been declared as the most corrupt government agency in Nigeria, according to a 2019 corruption survey released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Friday, December 6. The report titled corruption in Nigeria: patterns and trend was conducted by a United Nations agency, the UNODC and the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

In the latest 2019 report, police officers top the charts as the most corrupt government agency with 33%. Next to police officers are land registry officers with 26%, and revenue officers with 25%. The survey stated that the least corrupt officials are health workers with 5%. Below is the list of corrupt public agencies in Nigeria 1. Police officers 2. Tax/ Revenue officers 3. Public utility officers 4. Judges/Magistrates 5. Customs/Immigration officers 6. Other public officers 7. Teachers/Lecturers 8. Embassy/Consulate officers 9. Other health workers .

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