Kid Buu: 5 Things To Know About Blac Chyna’s Ex-BF Whom She Dumped For Cheating On Her



Tuesday, January 29,2019

Kid Buu made headlines on Jan. 28 when he allegedly got into a violent fight with Blac Chyna that led to a breakup after she allegedly found out he was cheating on her. Here are five things about him.

Kid Buu‘s relationship with Blac Chyna, 30, made headlines on Jan. 28, when the couple reportedly broke up after allegedly getting into a massive fight in Hawaii. The trip was supposed to be a romantic getaway but abruptly ended when Blac apparently found out Kid was allegedly cheating on her. Although details of the situation are still unfolding, all eyes have been on Kid. Here are five things you should know about the 30-year-old musical artist.

1.) He was born in Jersey City, NJ. His birth name is Markquez Lao Santiago and he grew up in South Florida. In a wildly bizarre interview with VLAD TV, Kid claimed he’s a clone and his “1st Gen” self was from New Jersey, but his “2nd Gen” self was made in Canada. He also talked about how he has a fraternal twin and was brought up by a single mother.

2.) His upbringing was tough. In the VLAD interview, he said he grew up around some dangerous areas, where he would watch his friends’ lives get taken too soon, but he doesn’t want to use that to gain momentum in his hip hop career. He also explained that when he was a kid, his mother would find ways to bring him up with little food and other necessities, and although it’s something he struggled with back then, he appreciates it now.

3.) He suffers from depression. “[Depression] is a chemical imbalance in the brain,” he told VLAD. “Maybe you need some rest, dehydrated, some meditation…and it goes away.” One of the ways he deals with his depression is through mediation, which allows him to be alone with his thoughts. He also explained that he tries to keep his depression in check because he knows there are kids who deal with the same thing and they could follow his actions.

4.) Legal issues had him in hot water with the public. Miami-Dade court records from 2008 said he plead guilty to charges of child abuse, obstruction of justice, robbery and criminal mischief. He talked about the charges in an interview with XXL Magazine in Dec. 2018. “The child abuse is in fact labeled ‘child abuse with no harm’,” he said in the interview. “I know that can sound confusing, like, how can somebody be abused if no harm is done? Well, it is very confusing and I learned the hard way by Florida adding that charge to me because someone had called the police and did say I was intimidating and threatening a witness to not testify on a friend, and that’s what they allegedly were trying to lock me up for. Giving those details, that person also did not want to testify against me for that charge and Florida picked up the charges. You play with Florida and they make things sound nastier than it needs to be.” He went on to say he plead guilty to make things easier and “move on with life.”

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