Drake Catches A Fan’s Bra After She Takes It Off & Throws It At Him On Stage



Wednesday, March 13,2019

Drake didn’t flinch as a hot red brassiere was flung at him, mid-performance. If you take a look at Drake’s performance track record, this isn’t the first time an undergarment has landed in his hands.

A flying bra joined a flying Ferrari at Drake’s Manchester concert on March 10. The “In My Feelings” rapper, who kicked off the European leg of his Assassination Vacation tour on Sunday, was recorded by a fan who waited for Drake to make his way down the catwalk stage in Manchester Areana. She aimed, fired and sent a bright red bra flying into the air, which Drake barely noticed — but he caught it, mid-verse. Drake even proceeded to nonchalantly whip the bra around. You can watch the feat below.

This isn’t the first bra that has come falling out of the sky, right into Drake’s hands. His reflexes may have already been trained after catching a 34F bra on stage at a concert in New Zealand in Nov. 2017. “I’m a single man and I need this 34F,” he had told the crowd, then said to the braless fan, “I’ll talk to you later then.

A rogue undergarment wasn’t the only thing making headlines during the Assassination Vacation concert on March 10. Drake didn’t perform “Don’t Matter To Me,” a Scorpion track that features the late Michael Jackson, for Manchester that Sunday night. It caused much speculation considering that HBO just aired the Leaving Neverland documentary on March 3 and 4, in which Wade Robson and James Safechuck accused MJ of sexually abusing them as children. Drake’s team hasn’t commented on why the song didn’t make the setlist for the first European tour stop.

Drake also performed in Manchester on Monday night, March 11, and is set to tour the European cities Paris, Dublin, Birmingham, London and Amsterdam until April 26. He also has a Las Vegas residency to look forward to, which kicks off in May 2019!

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