Daddy Freeze comment on Patience Ozokwo’s video on dressing as a born again Christian



Monday, November 19,2018

Daddy Freeze doesn’t agree with Patience Ozokwo’s views on being born again and it’s dressing culture.

On today’s episode of Daddy Freeze shaking tables, he is reacting to a viral video where Patience Ozokwo talked about dressing as a born again Christian.

The On-Air personality took to his Instagram page on Saturday, November 17, 2018, where he posted the now viral video of Patience Ozokwo and captioned with his own views.

“Wow, this used to be my favorite actress…..☹️We have all been schooled in error, Christianity does not dictate a dress code, modesty in all things is advised, but this right here is someone’s personal philosophy, NOT Christ’s! ~FRZ,” he wrote.

“This is just sad  Yes the church should be separate from the world. But the world is not fashion or music, it’s money power and religion. When Yeshua said the world hated him, who was he talking about? Fashion designers? Of course not, it was religious people using the name of God who hated him. John 15:18 ► New Living Translation “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. If you want to drive the world out of the church, start with the GOs, THEY ARE THE WORLD!” he concluded.

We all know Daddy Freeze is never shy of calling out any celebrity when it comes to affairs that have to do with the church. The last time Daddy Freeze and a celeb differed over an opinion on social media, we all know how it ended.

Daddy Freeze and Samklef start war over madman who got healed at RCCG

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Daddy Freeze engaged Samklef in a heated argument that saw the pair exchange insulting expressions, suggesting the start of a beef. The On-Air Personality was seen to have responded to a post that talked about a mentally unstable being healed at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on Instagram.

His comment got the attention of beat maker Samklef who wrote, “It’s getting boring.”

Samklef  Samklef


This prompted a war of words as one party attacked the other’s relevance in music, the same reaction followed as the record producer questioned Daddy Freeze’s intelligence while also tagging him as a hypocrite.

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