Cesarean Section How It is Feared In Nigeria

June 19 2019

C-section, or cesarean section,is a foremost issue in Nigeria at large that need to be Addressed Some Nigeria homes are Suffering Reason be the stigma following this Surgical procedure,to the factor that lives have been lost.

What is a C-section,C-section is surgical operation to deliver a toddler via a surgical reduce (incision) made in the mother’s belly area.

A C-section is needed if a pregnant women is having problems, or an illness that can unfold problems to the little one for the duration of pregnancy or Complications during a Vaginal delivery, or if there symptoms of distress during the period of labor.

During Springnewsng visits To Mother and Child Amuwo Odofin, After Series of Interviews We saw it that Most pregnant women even condemn other mothers that give birth through this procedure,

Women who go through this Operation consider themselves as weakling of not having a normal delivery like other women,One Mrs Ojokwu Sara, whom was in labour for 2 days after being induced,then After a C-section was performed, mom and child  Survived,

But Mrs Ojokwu Told Our Reporter that she feels useless and Her Mother-in-law was complaining to his Son that she was lazy and was once simply  making them spend money.

C-section is to Reduce the Rate of Maternal mortality, Some women opt for it dou ,but C-section is a very painful procedure and some can also take lives.

Greater attention ought to be created via the government about The stigma following this procedure.

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