Access Bank customers lament over unwarranted debits charges

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Monday, June 29,2020

There has been a large outcry by access bank customers about unwarranted debit from the bank.

Access Bank customers are seriously lamenting over stamp duty charges carried on them.

The customers on social media have decided to come together and air out their views.

See reactions below:
Ikenna Obi Patronize us today,…first bank, We keep you first.
  • Ikenna Obi If you are in first bank, pls gather here let’s laugh at them.
  • Evangel Peters Am even Short of words, they debited sixty thousand naira from my account yesterday ooo 😭😭😭 for nothing sake, see access bank, is me and you people tomorrow morning before 8 o clock tomorrow you people will see the dog in me. And you people will tell me how much i have in my account, that makes you people to have the mind to collect that money from my account 😠😠😠.
  • Ezeh Ijeoma Even me too ,d done finished me
  • Daniel Hyicent Yes ooo I’m confused my brother and i will go and withdraw all my money before is late
  • Faith Chidimma Yes , uneccessary debit alert
  • Nelson Udeani Access bank wants to empty my account in the name of “STAMP DUTY” ooo!
  • Tonia White Yes I will soon close my account with them they debit me 2370just day before yesterday
  • Don Kevin Hmm mm just now I received message from access reducting 50naira for stamps, please what did I stamp from you people, ole return it now before fire will burn down one of your bank
  • Victor Ezebuiro De just reversed mine today
    De kin Joy wey I get sef no be hia😁
  • Daniel Joseph ACCESS BANK IS JUST REMOVING MONEY FROM MY OWN ACCOUNT EVERY WEEK. I feel like closing that account
  • Amarachi Onagu Like seriously, they’ve been doing that since last week.
    It’s either 1200, 1100, 150,110..
    Mehn it’s too much
  • Precious Okorie Yes ooooh
  • Ifeanyi Elliot Na so we see am oo
  • Ogechukwu Akajiobi Mine is worst,1500 transfer and 1200 debited at a go.
  • Ukwuije Raphael They have refunded all my own this night oooooo.. I shock..
  • Enyichukwu Innocent I have been debited 150,100(2) at a spo
  • Prince Max Ezennaya Some are saying last week, some are saying 2weeks ago.
    And you are here chatting 🤔
    I heard it on Friday last 2week’s, on Monday of the following week, I left to the bank to close the account, as I dey wait for bike,my people, na so I see debit of 2300, cry won commot my mouth. I closed it without waiting. Make them come debit again
  • Ekemma Joyce They donated one billion sack their staffs,now they are stealing from us
  • Jennifer Goodluck In fact na them wake me from sleep now ooo in fact make una show me the way out na beg I dey beg oooo
  • Chinonso Sandra They have refunded me my money this night oh ooo I thank God
  • Pamela Chude First bank as well 585
  • Anthony Prince Ihechi Yes oo the debits me for stamp duty charges every day and for every transaction and also for vat
  • Christian Anedo Also with me ooooo
  • Mc Douglas The same here
  • Godson N. De-Mayor Na close I go later go do ones I get chance enter their chamber. I de pray say mek dem no commot my money finish before I go.
  • Nicholas Okafor From last Friday to Sunday,I’ve been debited 3times which made me rush to my branch on Sunday and demanded from one of their securities to give me code number to block my account cos I thought it were hackers.The man said same was done to him and showeSee more
  • Ikomi Ohagwu No free lunch anywhere in the world
  • Azubuike Levaz Ehirim They are the most useless bank ever
  • Alex Ogbu People should withdraw all their money and move it to other banks. That is the best protest. Once they dont have customers they will close then.
  • Chidimma Mary The worst bank ever and they join them with the frustrated diamond bank both of them now become the most foolish and useless banks ever,they can thief for Africa
  • Okowi Innocent I am done with access bank.



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