Pounded yam: ways to make pounded yam without a mortar

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Friday June 5,2020

Pounded yam is one of our favourite meals in Nigeria, but the stress of making this delicious food can be a little disturbing. These 3 methods will help you make pounded yam in a stress free way


Pounded yam is a local delicacy of the western part of Nigeria (the Yorubas) often eaten with any delicious soup of your choice.

This yummy swallow dish is made by pounding boiled yam in a mortar using a pestle until it becomes fluffy and compact.

As much as we love eating this super delicious and filling food, the stress and energy involved in pounding can sometimes be discouraging.

Thanks to a number of modern facilities, preparing pounded yam has been made easy.

Here are 3 simple ways to prepare pounded yam without having to pound.

1. Use a blender

To make pounded yam with a blender, you need to boil the yam till it is soft and use a blender with sharp blades.

When the yam is soft, put it in the blender (in bits) and blend till you achieve a stretchy ball shaped solid.

There you go! so easy and stress-free.

Serve with any soup of your choice and enjoy.

2. Use a hand mixer

So, if you do not have a blender or food processor at home, just make use of your hand mixer.

Like using a blender, boil the yam till it’s soft. Put it into the mixing bowl. With the hand mixer, crush the yam until it becomes smooth, stretchy and lump free.

3. Use a pounded yam flour

Like Semo, Eba, Amala, Starch and the likes that require heating up water and then pouring the flour in the boiling water as you mix properly, pounded yam can also be prepared in the same manner using pounded yam flour.

Now you can enjoy preparing pounded yam in the most stress-free way as possible

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