Why former Petroleum Minister, Ibe Kachikwu broke silence

Saturday, May 23,2020

For almost a year after he completed his national assignment as the Minister of State, Petroleum, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu went off the social radar. For months, no one could say precisely where he was, fueling insinuations and vicious tales about his long absence from the public. But penultimate week, the former minister finally resurfaced and broke his silence. Kachikwu claimed that contrary to those wicked rumours around his person, his major reason for disappearing from the spotlight was the need to convalesce after undergoing a prostate surgery in the United States. The former minister, who claimed to have since made full recovery, harnessed the energy of the grapevine to defuse the rumor around him and doused the worries of those making enquiries about his whereabouts. However, weeks after clearing the air on those speculations, the quidnuncs are still not satisfied as they continue to share unhealthy gossip about the former minister, insisting that his excuse for the hiatus is just a makeup.

To the talebearers, Kachikwu’s long silence and absence was because of the reality of how some friends and hangers on who leeched on him while he was a powerful minister hastily abandoned him immediately he left office on May 29 last year and made him feel orphaned. According to them, prior to Kachikwu’s exit from the cabinet, these fair weather folks flattered and buttered him. They milked their association for all its worth and smiled to the banks. But as soon as he was stripped off the glamour of public office, the shinning doorbell to Kachikwu’s house became rusty from disuse. They also claimed that he felt more disappointed not returning to Buhari’s Next Level Cabinet to continue where he stopped. And as the reality dawned on him, he had no option but to take a break from the public eye. However, amidst all the wicked tales, Kachikwu has terminated the brief hiatus from the public sphere and resumed —both to the public and social media platforms to counter any wrong narrative around his person.

The Delta State-born former Vice Chairman of Exxon Mobil West Africa, has outlined how he plans to use his connections —gained as GMD, NNPC; Minister of State, Petroleum, President of African Petroleum Producers Organisation and President of OPEC— to launch his next big business venture. He will be returning to provide private consultancy service in the energy sector around Africa —he already floated a firm named Afric Energy. During his four years of serving in those capacities mentioned above, Kachikwu said the experience allowed him to author six books between 2015 and 2018. Kachikwu, who is the seventh Odogwu of Onicha-Ugbo, also said he would be serving as a visiting Professor in some renowned institutions across the world to further push the envelope on his intellectual pursuits.

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