WWE Raw Hits Second Lowest Viewership Ever


Wednesday, May 20,2020

WWE Raw posted its second-lowest viewership ever for this week’s episode featuring SmackDown’s Baron Corbin crossing over to face Drew McIntyre as part of the new brand-to-brand invitation system.

An 8% decline in overall viewership saw the show go from the previous week’s 1.92 million to an average of 1.76 million, as the trend swings back towards the all-time low of 1.68 million set two weeks ago.

Here’s how that breaks down by the hour:

Hour three: 1.64 million.

Hour one: 1.82 million

Hour two: 1.81 million

Though things held up between the usual between the first two hours, the third saw its typical drop, with the above number being the second-lowest third-hour number in the show’s history. Again, the all-timer was set on 4 May.

As far as the key 18-49 demographic goes, Raw came through with a 0.51 rating. It outdid all non-news shows apart from a couple of 90 Day Fiance broadcasts on the night. This figure is down 42% on the same week last year.

The third-hour decline was largely amongst women, as while the show retained much of its male viewership for the final third, women in the 18-49 demo dropped by 21%.



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